Cardiff University
Prediction error in models of associative learning and behaviour


Maastricht University
Cued overeating and its implications for the treatment of eating and weight disorders


University of Derby
Tolman revisited: "There is more than one kind of learning" driven by associations


University of Bordeaux
Ventral hippocampus and the contextual control of goal-directed actions

Chair: Dr. Marcia Spetch, University of Alberta, Canada
  Talk 1 - The Signal for Good News (SiGN) model of suboptimal choice
   Presenting author: Marcia Spetch
  Talk 2 - Time, uncertainty, and suboptimal choice
   Presenting author: Marco Vasconcelos
  Talk 3 - Rats value information when it allows optimality
   Presenting author: Vladimir Orduña
  Talk 4 - Suboptimal choice as information-tracking behavior
   Presenting author: Patrick Anselme

Chair: Dr.Felisa González, University of Granada, Spain
  Talk 1 - Incentive salience and human action control and selection: Individual differences
   Presenting author: Felisa González
  Talk 2 -The effect of conditioned inhibition on the specific Pavlovian-instrumental transfer effect: Some human data
   Presenting author: Charlotte Bonardi
  Talk 3 - The degraded contingency paradigm as a tool to examine habitual operant responses in humans
   Presenting author: David Luque
  Talk 4 - The role of incidental Pavlovian cues in instrumental performance
   Presenting author: Bernard Balleine

Chair: Dr. Ignacio Loy, University of Oviedo, Spain
  Talk 1 - Context specificity and working memory in terrestrial snails
   Presenting author: Judit Muñiz-Moreno
  Talk 2 - Habituation of the abdominal contraction response in the mealworm pupae (Tenebrio molitor): Contextual dependency and the impact of sex
   Presenting author: Rodolfo Bernal-Gamboa
  Talk 3 - Conditioned Place Avoidance Acquisition and Extinction in the planaria Schmidtea mediterranea
   Presenting author: Gonzalo P. Urcelay
  Talk 4 - The role of the context in invertebrate learning
   Presenting author: Concepción Paredes Olay

20th September 2023 - 20:00: Conference will start in the morning. In the evening, we will celebrate a welcome cocktail.

21st September 2023 - 21:00: Flamenco show and aperitif.

22nd September 2023 - 21:00: Gala Dinner..