Illusion and reality in the control by consequences.
Chair: Prof. Ricardo Pellon, Department of Basic Psychology, National University of Distance Education (UNED), Spain.

  Appearances may deceive, or when suboptimal choices hide optimal choices   under constraint
   Presenting author: Marco Vasconcelos
  Excessive avoidance: When avoidance gets detached from its environmental   consequences
   Presenting author: Pedro L. Cobos
  Superstition, causal illusion, and the theories of learning
   Presenting author: Helena Matute
  A further reexamination of "superstition"
   Presenting author: Ricardo Pellon

Invertebrate Learning: What ''Lower'' Organisms Can Teach Us about Learning and Cognition.
Chair: Dr. Roberto Alvarez, Department of Psychology, University of Almeria, Spain.

  Inside the minds of invertebrates. Some historical consideration
   Presenting author: Roberto Alvarez
  Habituation in invertebrates, the complexity of simple organisms
   Presenting author: Concepcion Paredes-Olay
  A Comparative Approach to the Evolutionary Roots of Associative Learning:   Towards a Phylogenetic Epistemology
   Presenting author: Jose Prados
  Development and Association as strategies of Cognoscitive-Comparative   Experimental Psychology
   Presenting author: Ignacio Loy

Translational neuroscience on altered decision making: flexibility, extinction and errors.
Chair: Prof. Margarita Moreno, Department of Psychology, University of Almeria, Spain.

  The role of prediction error and memory destabilization in extinction of
  cued-fear within the reconsolidation window

   Presenting author: Emma Cahill
  Resistant to extinction and altered decision making: key neurobehavioral traits in   a preclinical model of compulsivity
   Presenting author: Margarita Moreno
  The roles of reversal learning inflexibility and resistance to extinction in the   symptomatology of gambling disorder
   Presenting author: Jose Cesar Perales
  Decision-Making, reinforcement learning and resting-state functional   connectivity as transdiagnostic targets
   Presenting author: Jose Juan Leon

43 Years of Renewal.
Chair: Dr. James Byron Nelson, Basic Psychological Processes and Development, University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Spain.

  The Renewal effect and its explanations
   Presenting author: James Byron Nelson
  Context inhibition during extinction: analysis of the protection from extinction   hypothesis
   Presenting author: Steve Glautier
  Prediction Error and Context relevance as sources of differential contextual   control: Revisiting renewal
   Presenting author: Juan M. Rosas
  Neurobiological Bases of Extinction and Renewal
   Presenting author: Gonzalo Urcelay

The Evolution of Learning and Memory Mechanisms, Part 1: Evolution of Learning Mechanisms.
Chair: Prof. Mark Krause, Department of Psychology, Southern Oregon University, USA.

  Introduction to the symposia: The evolution of learning and memory   mechanisms.
   Presenting author: Mark Krause
  Learning and Memory in the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans.
   Presenting author: Catharine Rankin
  Adaptive evolution of learning and memory in a model lineage
   Presenting author: William G. Wright
  Rescue Behavior in Ants: Recent Attempts to Explore Learning, Memory and   Evolution in an Insect Specialization
   Presenting author: Karen L. Hollis
  Brain and Spatial Cognition in Amphibians: Stem Adaptations in the Evolution of   Tetrapod Cognition
   Presenting author: Verner Bingman
  Dissociable learning processes: A comparative perspective
   Presenting author: Barbara A. Church
  Mechanisms underlying absolute and relative reward value in vertebrates
   Presenting author: Mauricio R. Papini

The Evolution of Learning and Memory Mechanisms, Part 2: Evolution of Memory Mechanisms..
Chair: Prof. Karen L. Hollis, Department of Psychology, Mount Holyoke College, USA

  The Evolution of Memory as an Immediate Perceptual Identification Mechanism
   Presenting author: Michael S. Fanselow
  Evolution of memory systems in animals
   Presenting author: Johan Lind
  Distinguishing mechanisms of behavioral Inhibition and self-control
   Presenting author: Audrey E. Parrish
  Metacognitive monitoring and control in monkeys
   Presenting author: Robert Hampton

Still new venues for delay discounting.
Chair: Prof. Ricardo Pellon, Department of Basic Psychology, National University of Distance Education (UNED), Spain.

  Delay discounting: Acquisition, extinction, and restoration of polydipsia Induced   by food
   Presenting author: Carlos F. Aparicio
  Food induces polydipsia on a delay discounting task
   Presenting author: Malana Malonson
  Does environmental enrichment prevent or reduce impulsive behavior in rats?   Comparison between sexes
   Presenting author: Felizdania Hernandez
  Delay discounting in paediatric Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
   Presenting author: Pilar Fernandez Martin

21st September 2022: Conference will start in the morning. In the evening, we will celebrate a welcome cocktail with sunset and homage for the retired society members..

22nd September 2022: Almeria's greenhouses visiting and aperitif.

23rd September 2022: In memoriam Victor Garcia-Hoz Rosales and Gala Dinner..